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Maybe you don’t know how to reach out with your great music? Maybe you have waited for answers from record labels? You feel that something needs to happen with your music career but you don’t know how to proceed. Well, look no further! Primus is artist development for talented artists online. Level up your way to a record deal or make a living as an independent artist today!

Develop your career!

Most artists don’t have a clue what it takes to get a record deal, let alone maintain a career. To be bold, record labels don’t sign undeveloped artists since it is “risky” and expensive. You need to have an established fan base, streams/sales as well as remarkable music and image. Artist development is a topic that is vastly overlooked by too many artists. But don’t worry, let us help you to reach higher levels.

Non exclusive

Develop your career without signing an exclusive contract. You can be part of Primus if you are an unsigned artist. To ensure quality artists to our partners we have a qualifying process, so you will need an invite to join.

Be discovered when you are ready

Record Labels, Booking agents and Managers use Primus as their recruiting platform. Let us give you the keys to a succesful music career!

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