Content sharing platforms for artists, and how to use them

Content sharing for artists is crucial to promote their music. Here’s a short guide how to use each one of them. I hope you don’t just publish all your updates on all your social media platforms that you are present on. That is a huge mistake!

What you also should think about when publishing is how your content will rank and be shown to others. How does the content go viral? It is all about ENGAGEMENT! Think about it, if you were facebook, what would you decide to choose in peoples feeds? Probably stuff that people’s friends are interested in and have engaged with. Engagement can be translated into actions like shares, clicks, likes or comments. Content with more comments, likes, shares and clicks will be shown to more people. More or less all the content sharing sites and social medias work like this, so have it in mind when reading the tips below.


Videos obviously! Use YouTube for nice videos that you make. Either a promo video for your upcoming release or more obvious a music video. Don’t upload just the cover art with your music in the background just because it is easy. And don’t upload a lyrics video unless it is made really cool. Here’s an example of two nice lyrics video: or You need to be creative otherwise you will end up with a couple of thousand views.

For your YouTube video it is really important to have a good title, description and to use keywords wisely to be shown in the search results. There is another guide on Primus how to rank on YouTube search results that you should read. It is important to link to all your social media accounts in the descriptions so that people can find you through the search results, be interested enough from the video, and then be able to find more later.


Use Instagram mainly for visual posts and short videos where a fan follow you as an artist on a more personal level. Use popular hashtags, to get your post to appear in feeds where potential fans are searching (always relevant hashtags!). You can use for example Iconosquare to get good statistics and to handle your instagram account.


Use this as your sharing hub for your important news, when you get reviews, share YouTube videos, news from your webpage, new products in your webshop, releases, etc.

Important to know is that if your content isn’t engaging, you won’t reach anyone. So make sure to create great content! Use pictures or videos, people will not engage in only text. Take every chance to answer your fans in the comments, and make sure all band members like and share every update, maybe even commenting would be nice!


Is good for releases if you use the right hashtags. Use a URL shortener like Bitly to get more space and be able to see metrics. Also a good way to communicate with people in the business. A lot of journalists are using twitter.


Keep everyting on your webpage on a professional level. A journalist should be able to find everything about you at your webpage. Keep it simple and keep it clean. See this as a channel to link to all your other stuff.

Tell your story. Who are your influencers? Explain your creative process. What is behind the work?

Get people to signup for your newsletter. Always build your own channels!

I would recommend you to use WordPress as Content Management System to create your webpage, since you can make both really simple and advanced webpages with WordPress. In fact, Primus Records is made totally with WordPress.


You can add and edit all your upcoming gigs on Songkick and then distribute to other places like your webpage. The dates will also reach your spotify page, YouTube channel, Soundcloud etc.

Other honorable mentions

Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Tumblr, Vevo, Vimeo, Vine, Wikipedia, Google+ and AllMusic.

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