Digital Music Marketing in China: An Introduction

Today we have hosted an interview with Abby Zhou at Primus Records Headquarter in Gothenburg. Abby Zhou is an expert on chinese digital marketing and she devote herself to help nordic business/brands to better present themselves in the Chinese digital world.

Today’s topic is on music and chinese digital marketing.

We all know that China/chinese speaking market is huge, it has 1.3 billion populations and 700,000,000 online music consumers! But it has been a problem for foreign independent musician/ music to reach the audience. What do you think reasons may be?

Chinese internet is segregated from the rest of the world, which means that people in China cannot or have a really hard time to visit those commonly used platforms for music distribution and promotion like Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Other reasons may be language differences, cultural understanding, etc.

So if we want to reach chinese audiance, we need to find new ways and platforms that are available in China. What are those platforms?

There are established platforms which are considered as Chinese counterparts of those commonly used platforms. Youku, Tudou, Aiqiyi, Letv are examples of video websites, just like YouTube. Wechat and Douban are like Facebook. Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo are like Twitter, Xiami, qq music and 163 music are examples of those who provide music streaming services.

However new music platforms/communities are booming!Digital Music Marketing China

I’d admit that we are not familiar with those chinese platforms at all, and it looks like an exotic jungle to us. Any explorer there from outside of China?

Sure, big record labels have agreements with platforms to distribute their music. However unsigned musicians will have difficulties to explore the jungle only by themselves. How to debut in an appropriate way, how to promote music, interact with fans and brand-building are problems that hold musicians back from achieving the success they deserve in China.

So Musicians need to find solutions to reach out in China?

That’s right! Find solutions and invest themselves in China market! It’ll never be too much to emphasize how important of China market is to musicians.

Can you explain?

Of course! Audience is huge, as we said before, digital music consumption is significant, it has been very active in live music and festival market and the market is expanding fast as well, which is shown by statistics and explains why more and more foreign bands to perform in China and explore business opportunities there, like endorsement and commercial sponsorship. Playing your cards right over in China could open up opportunities not possible for an upcoming artist in US or Europe.

This is such a big topic and we hope to be able to discuss more in detail in the future how our Primus artists could achieve success in China! Talk to you soon!

Thank you!


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