Giving Wings

I’ve never had a regular job. The closest I’ve come is faking it as a substitute teacher, but soon I grew impatient with that as well. I used to be called whimsical Elie, but it’s just a fact that my brain works much better when it can switch focus during the day, and it’s even better at focusing when my body gets to move. I think most people would agree that it’s a good thing that the mechanical “one task jobs” trending since the victorian is are more and more phased out. The people that would otherwise be factory workers now are entrepreneurs, free to work and connect with whom ever they like. The possibility to do so is greater now then ever before.

I think it’s exciting times, just because stuff like this can happens out of nowhere:

Two days ago Lee Giove, a Californian based in Gothenburg contacted me. He is starting up a company and works in the same open office space where Rexius Records also has their headquarters. Thus he heard of the Engine, and thought we might be interested in collaborating. I loved Lee’s business idea from the moment he explained it, shirts with wings designed for children. Lee wants to sparks kids imagination and 12784282_10153308294280896_1237059173_nespecially lift up those with physical or emotional challenges, or those who had a rough start in life. Lee is working with Shriners hospital in the US and Pay It Forward in Sweden to create the Giving Wings Program, which aim to give these winged shirts to children with special needs. He is also launching an Indiegogo Campaign to raise funds for his idea. Feel free to check these amazing clothes out – I know I will get a shirt as soon as they come in bigger sizes! Go to his website and to the Indiegogo campaign and find out more about it all.

Lee asked me if the Engine would be interested in doing a charity concert together. Nothing would make us happier.

There are some fundamental thoughts behind the work of the Engine that I would like to express:

12767286_10153308293990896_1268451160_nWhat can you do to help, what is your gift to the world and to people around you? How are you of most use to the community of all living things, in this exact moment? When I’m in doubt or feel that I’m loosing touch with what’s true, I let the answers to these questions guide me. We don’t do music for ourselves. If we find that we have become redundant or that we are of better help elsewhere, we would do that instead. But right now we feel the Engine is true to itself in pursuing the goals that we’ve set for it. Helping Lee and his business through our music is something that deeply resonates with the purpose of the Engine.

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