New times

A paradigm has come to an end, and new times are upon us. A couple weeks ago Johan, who has been our bassist since we started about a year announced he is leaving the band. Johan has been a force to reckon with and his unparalleled musicality and voice will be greatly missed in Elie & the Engine

But, the Engine has to keep moving, and someone is already signed up for the job, let’s see if this new recruit can take it! We will soon reveal the new bassist of Elie & the Engine!

Apart from that this is what is happening right now: After the recording-sessions at Svenska Grammofonstudion we decided to take it easy, pushing forward the release date of the EP. That enabled us to look critically and really dig into the songs, a good decision I think. We will do the mixing in December and if the gods are willing a single will be released late January/early February with the EP coming out early March.

So, now more Elie & the Engine gigs this year. They will be popping up in abundance this winter and spring though so keep you ears and noses open for new dates. They will be announced here and on our website (for the moment not updated, will be solved soooon!):

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