How to reach the next level in your music career

This is a short guide and blueprint how to reach the next level in your music career. This is essential and basic stuff yet many artists tend to skip certain steps or rush to fast. This is the process how to reach out in the long run, not a quick fix. From our point of view you can’t book shows efficiently if you haven’t promoted your music, you can’t promote your music without great visuals that are aligned with your artist concept and so on. You need to do or have these things and we believe this order is the best way for most efficient results.

  1. A group or single artist with an idea and clear goals
  2. Write great music (You or a songwriter)
  3. Finance your music (with the following priority)
    1. Your fans / Crowdfunding,
    2. You
    3. Bank
    4. Record label)
  4. Record your music professionally
  5. Mix and Master your music professionally
  6. Set up or review your artist concept
  7. Create your visuals based on your concept (Cover art, Press photos, EPK, etc)
  8. Distribute and promote your music
  9. Book shows and play live
  10. Repeat

In all of these steps you have a choice to either do it on your own or to get professional help. When you get professional help you will need to pay somehow either in cash or in future payments. When you do it on your own you pay with your own time.  You decide how much your time is worth.

You should think thouroughly which steps you are willing or can do on your own. For some of the steps you might not be able to get professional help even though you would like to. For example a booking agent or a record label. Then you need to do it on your own until you can prove to the record label or booking agent that you are worthy their time.

Do you need help?

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