Up, up, up and then off in some other direction.

Elie the Engine has got a new bassist. We cringed at the prospect of heaving to search for somebody for months on end, or maybe more. He was the forth person to step over the threshold into our tiny rehearsing space in our house at Sjöstigen 3. Peuw… I heard Genesis tried two hundred singers before they settled on their own god damed drummer. But we got out of that clinch, and now the harmony in the band feels better then ever. With Johan gone and Viktor in we’ve become a slightly different band, growing gradually but I can still feel the change. It seems like the music has become less polished, and we rely more on feeling, groove and interaction instead of deciding every single detail of arrangement. To me it all flows a bit more natural and we allow ourselves more headroom over all. Viktor has an unconventional touch with his bass and I think the whole sound is evolving towards becoming more original, which is fantastic if it’s true!


Viktor giving us his wonderful smile at Rexius Records studio in Gothenburg.

A single will be released the 11th of March and the full EP is scheduled for 8th of April. In the meantime, check out our website. It is going to be the platform from which we communicate with the world through blogs, articles, news updates, gig schedules, and everything else that happens with the Engine. I would like to personally thank Mathias Rexius and Magnus Torstensson on our label Rexius Records for just being who they are. Aight, that’s it for now.


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