Why and how to get Spotify Followers

Why to have followers on Spotify?

As an artist, you can be followed if your music appears on Spotify. All Spotify users can click on “Follow” on your artist profile and once they do, they will get notifications whenever you are publishing new music. So this will drive more streams to your music. That is one great thing alone, but there is more. Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 3.54.12 PMOnce you get more than 250 Followers your artist profile will be “Verified” which means: You get the blue tick in your artist profile looking cooler. But more important, you can now create and share playlists with your fans, brand your playlists with images and descriptions and your fans will get notified every time you add new music to the playlist. Imagine how you can collaborate with other great artists and engage with your fans. For example, you could make an official Tour Playlist or Release Playlist or why not just your favorite music.

If you have more than 250 followers and would like to verify your artist page, then follow the verification steps here at Spotify.

How to get followers on Spotify:

  • Encourage people to follow. Do this on your social media page regularly, not so many people know about this feature, so explain it to them. If they have followed you on facebook, then why shouldn’t they follow you on Spotify? Remind them at the same time as you upload some new press photos or pictures from the rehearsal studio or whatever.
  • Add links to your Website, Primus Page, Social Media.

Before you reach 250 followers, the best way to gain new ones is of course to create great music, release regularly and transfer your existing Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud audience to Spotify like in the steps above. After 250 followers, Playlisting is a great way to get new followers. And with playlisting your creativity is the limit.


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